Ankle Rotations

Balance on both feet standing tall and alert. Start in mountain pose breathing long and deep. Focus your gaze on a point that is not moving. Now shift your weight to your left leg (hold on to a wall if you need). Extend your right leg so that the right sole of your foot hovers off the floor. Pointing your right toes, slowly rotate your foot around your ankle clockwise five times. Then rotate your foot slowly around your ankle counter clockwise five times. The slower the better. Please rest the right sole of the foot on the floor standing on two feet. Now shift your weight on to the right side and begin with your left foot. Don’t take balancing poses too seriously, they just play with your ego! To end, stand in mountain pose and take five more long deep breaths.


Mountain Pose

Like a mountain in the clouds, stand tall with your feet hip width apart. Roll the palms of your hands face forward lengthening your arms from your shoulders. Gather your attention around your heart and begin breathing long and deep. Rock to the balls of your feet lifting your heels off the floor, come high on your toes. Slowly lower your heels to the floor and stand taller in both legs. Lift your toes, spread them wide apart and slowly fan them out on to the floor. Draw your knees towards your hips by firming your thighs. Float your lower ribs away from your hips elongating the sides of your body, roll your shoulders down and back. Breathe. Allow your arms now to just dangle by your sides, letting go of any unnecessary gripping in your shoulders or your mind.Keep your face muscles soft. Ascend the crown of your head up as your feet descend down. Take five long deep breaths and stay in attention to yourself as you go to the extended mountain pose.

Extended Mountain Pose

Return to mountain pose, stretching your arms above your head with your hands interlaced, elbows extended long. Press the palms of your hands up as your sink the heels of your feet down. Draw your lower belly back towards your spine to support your lower back tilting your pubic bone slightly towards your chest. Get connected through out your entire body breathing long and deep for five deep breaths.


Continue to keep your face muscles soft, and your gaze easy. Take five long deep breaths and stay in attention to yourself as you go to the next pose.

Side Stretch

Maintaining Extended Mountain Pose, gently lean to one side. Stay mindful of your breath and do not stain. Let it feel good. Three breaths here and then do the other side.









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